Monday, July 30, 2012



A sumptuous video from the life celebration of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, set to his amazing rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  This offering soars to touch us in places that are hidden and cherished.  

Float with the way he mixes up the lyrics, seeming almost whimsical but playing with the mind and opening the heart so deeply... There is magic and a glimpse of undreamt possibilities sparkling through to us.

Wonderful work, Iz.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012



And as we move along the path, awakening to greater levels of reality, we deepen our ability to perceive the goodness and the beauty of the Divine in the world around us, the intelligence and benevolence of the created world in action. Initially it’s easier to see in nature, in the unspoiled character of plant life, rivers, mountains, animals.  In the natural world there’s not the capacity of mind that has taken humans down a path distant from their divine nature. 

The natural world retains its constant awareness of connection with divine nature. It’s perhaps the easiest place to see that, and so when we long for evidence of the divine to inspire us and assure us, comfort us, the natural world is the place we turn.

But as we grow in our capacity to perceive the divine there, we begin to see that that divine nature is also present in ourselves and in other human beings. We begin to see that that divine nature is at work even in the events of the chaotic human world that surrounds us.  It’s relatively easy to see it in goodness; in compassionate, caring behaviors.  The associations are easier in those instances. But we develop a larger awareness that extends even to events and activities that look wrong or evil by our human label. These events look detrimental to the world, and yet they’re all brought about by the divine at work in human beings. 

Over time, we can begin to find the same trust we feel for the benevolent manifestations in these challenging manifestations.  The divine intent is just as present in the events we find challenging as it is in the events we appreciate. For reasons beyond our knowing, these lessons in the Earth School – a currently incomplete reality - are necessary for our evolutionary path. 

We have the exquisite opportunity to trust the intelligence infinitely larger than our own.  And as we awaken into an expanded reality, we’ll find that the path we've traveled has served the evolutionary path of not only our species, but the greater cosmic life. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Tools are being provided to us at this time in history to unlock our consciousness from the limits that have imprisoned it. 

Astronauts who have traveled to the moon share their experience of being outside the density of consciousness present on earth. They describe a deep illuminating awareness of their relationship to the galaxy and the entire cosmic organism. They experience a deep conviction of purpose and benevolence in the character of the universe.

Here on earth, we find it’s becoming more and more unbearable being imprisoned by the limits of a materialistic, humanly dictated worldview.  Something has to give.

By design, that unbearableness is the necessary motivation to evolve, to escape the prison of fear-bound orientation. Because it’s unbearable, we choose to evolve.  We are driven to look elsewhere  -- to the tools that are opening new portals of awareness.  We can sense our larger place and relationship within the cosmos, and our destiny, which is to break free.

So the very things that make our world so uncomfortable right now are the things that galvanize us to move forward, to move upward, and to embrace a more illumined and compassionate view of life.  Let us take up those tools and craft a new experience of humanity.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012



To be completely loved is the ultimate experience we all wish for, more than anything else; we long for this as a felt, embodied experience.  We long to know that we're completely loved and cherished by the Divine, the Source of all life, and in that experience we find the ultimate fullness in being alive. 

Equally compelling but less recognized is our desire to love completely, to be totally subsumed by the depth of our devotion, our gratitude, to the Divine for this amazing experience of life. 

They go together, the receiving and the giving.  And that’s the experience we’re awakening to:  Knowing the fullness of our divine humanity. The depth of fulfillment and joy and ease we will feel in this world of expanded dimension will fill us to overflowing.  And will bring us home again, at last, to being completely loved.

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Friday, July 20, 2012



This lifetime, for most of us, is not a time to go apart and seek the individual illumination; that’s not what this life is for.  This life is to be lived in the web of connectedness with all that humanity is feeling and experiencing.  In fact, it’s a role that’s been anticipated for eons through the history of humankind.

Our role, through the personalities we have chosen, is to be a part of the whole of humanity, like yeast in a loaf of bread dough.  We can’t play that role if we're off by ourself somewhere; we have to be embedded.  And in these times, the density of being embedded in worldly culture and institutions can be very challenging.

When we resist this life, resist the density and the constraints of it, let us remember that we have in fact chosen this role at this watershed time.  In this time of great change, we have chosen the opportunity to serve, to lift, to fulfill a destiny we’ve been waiting to fulfill... for a very long time.

That role is probably not going to look like anything the personality would conjure up!  What’s important is our willingness to continue moving forward through experiences that may not suit our preferences and have a vast degree of uncertainty.

The steps ahead will likely not be clear most of the time. But the heart can lead, and through the heart, the way will show itself.  

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012



As we move through these times, how do we nurture our capacity to see the hand of the Divine at work and to trust it? It’s hard to trust when the trend of events appears to be going in the wrong direction, a direction that appears not to be beneficial for humanity and the planet.  And it’s the tendency of the human mind to think it knows, that it has considered all or sufficient of the factors at work so that a judgment can be made. 

And yet what we see as humans is such a small part of the puzzle! It brings to mind a photograph from the Hubble telescope that captures a slice of the known universe.  Within the photo are hundreds of galaxies of different colors and shapes and sizes; so many it just boggles the mind.  And yet the slice of the universe in this photo is so small it equates to what you would see through a hole the size of a dime -- if the dime was held out 75 feet out!  So tiny - such a tiny, tiny bit of our glorious universe do we see.

Our human intelligence is comparable to this lens in its limitations, its smallness of capacity to perceive. Yet the mind thinks it can judge what’s going on in the world - and feel certain that it’s all going drastically wrong - and this is reason for anguish and consternation and distress.

So we are fortunate to have a larger perspective made available to us.  These pictures of our universe and our neighboring galaxies… the amazing wonders of our own galaxy; what a gift! The ability to see our home planet, Earth, from the perspective of the moon… these expansions to our perception of our relationship to the larger cosmos have come to us at a time when we need them most.  We need something larger than the chaos of the manmade world right now to orient to.   

In the beauty and intelligence of the cosmos, we have found it. 

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Sunday, July 15, 2012



The planet and our species are currently at a crux point where shift is happening on many different levels that humans are not aware of.  We just see a surface level, which looks and feels very chaotic right now, but at these deeper levels, all this amazing change is going on.

It’s an indicator of how far human perception has wandered from alignment with life that we don’t know this, and that we doubt the outcome, that we worry about it, we think we might be able to personally screw it up.

In fact there is no cause for worry or fear that we won’t make it.  That’s not possible.  The outcome is already assured at the level of Universal intent. The energetic reality of its completion – that’s already in place.  All that remains is for the manifest piece to shape-shift into the new earth, the new humanity. 

So while we think this event is out in the future, we are in the eleventh hour, the 59th minute, of its final manifestation, its final crystallization into manifest form. And really, all we need to do is relax and observe and love what’s happening and ride the wave of it.  

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Saturday, July 14, 2012



Many of us carry an identity deep within ourselves as part of a cohort. It’s been carried deep, deep in the heart, at a soul level that’s not always been understood by the personality.  This deep sense of cohort has come into consciousness at times like a longing; an achingly deep longing for the group that one knows one belongs to. 

It is in the experience of waking up together that that longing will at last be answered.  It is our compass, pointing us to the work we have come to do and to one another as the body of humanity that will lead it.                                           

There’s an image that conveys this bond, one of companions across the ages. It speaks of a brotherhood of the heart carried forward from other times and other places. It's an experience of having fought side by side and back-to-back on the battlefield. We find ourselves bonded at an unseen level by a calling of honor, a standing for the greater good. 

The longing that we’ve felt for this calling, this cohort, is being fulfilled across the eons in the work of this astonishing lifetime.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012



When we feel troubled that the chaos around us makes no sense, and we are not given understanding of why it needs to be, it’s good to remember that we don’t need to understand.  What’s taking place is part of a design so vast it’s not in the nature of creation for the human mind to be able to understand. 

It’s not a small thing; it’s possibly the greatest leap our species has ever been required to make.  So it’s good to be patient with ourselves as the building blocks of consciousness within each of us shift, one by one or ten by ten.

To expect to make this leap from start to end in a single bound is a fantasy of the human ego.  Most of us have come into this life with an agreement to be embedded within the human organism.  Our evolutionary path will keep pace with that larger organism.  The service to be rendered is that of sharing the common experience and working from within it.  

There’s a quote about being “enlightened” that says it’s more valuable to be one of the many, traveling together, than to be a shooting star of enlightenment whom no one comprehends. 

There is a strong egoic desire to be a shooting star; yet the greater service of the many does not follow that path. As this transition progresses, we will unfold a deeply soul-satisfying companionship in our work together.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012



When I think of the transition our species is undergoing, I see the image of a pale yellow rosebud, not opened yet but just beginning to open, a very beautiful stage of the rose.  This rosebud is surrounded by a pool of soft, brilliant light, and the transmission behind the image is one of clarity and freshness; it speaks of the new life that's unfolding amid the vast cultural shift we’re all going through. 

The rosebud represents the deeper truth that most of us don’t see or perceive yet. We see the chaos and the confusion, and we see what feels like a lot of darkness in the outer events that surround us.  And yet the truth of what’s happening is this freshness and beauty we see in the rose, perfect potential that is just getting ready to start opening. It lives in the light and the warmth and benevolence of greater reality. 

The rosebud in its pool of light is a symbol of where we're at as a planetary organism in this transition.  We’re not a tight little green bud that hasn’t even begun to show petal color, we’re actually a fully formed bud that’s already begun to open into that welcoming light.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe there’s even a bud on the thorny bush of our manmade world, and yet in truth we’ve come all this way already.  It’s good to remember that just as the rosebud will follow the path of its destiny, in the same way we as a planetary organism will blossom in our fullness.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012


A stunning exploration of the galactic center.

Experience the deepest sense of home imaginable in this dance with the galaxy.  

Witness it rising, in its sublime and majestic glory; 
wheeling, in a slow arc across the deep blackness of the night;
whispering its mysteries through the eddies of time and space.  

Our birthplace, our origins and home, all lie
 in this magnificent center of light.

This is mastery 
at a level so vast 
our only response can be awe.  

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Friday, July 6, 2012




How do we navigate the intensity of life today?

As the world situation intensifies there will be more and more events of greater intensity presenting themselves for our attention, events that reach out to entangle the mind and the emotions.  Anchoring ourselves in our deepest values, and strengthening the alignment between the personality and the innate wisdom of the soul will help us live from a place of personal peace. As the next few years unfold, we’ll find it increasingly important to avoid being pulled off balance by outer events. A new world is taking form within us and around us, and it’s there that we want to center our attention.
Our path through this work is organic; it arises naturally as a progression of events – one follows another. While we have no map to follow, as we become more cognizant of the rhythms and patterns of this journey, we develop a path.  The ways we work in the world and our responses to the events of our lives arise in the context of the moment.  

Most of the time, we can only see the single stepping stone ahead of us.  We can’t see the progression itself, where it’s going.  And with experience, we become comfortable pausing on the stone where we stand, waiting until the next stone comes into view.  As we see the process unfold in this way, we come to trust the ground we’re standing on and our ability move to the next step.   

Because there is no map, we shift from an intellectual approach to an intuitive one based in trust. We trust the experience of being exactly where we are, comfortable or not, knowing we have the ability to take the next step when it moves us forward. 

When we move in this manner from one stepping stone to the next, there are many possibilities where the next stone could appear.  If we had a map of the stones laid out from beginning to end, there would be no choice but to follow that single path. The mapped sequence is static -- it only leads to one place. In this step-by-step organic process of movement, if factors shift while we’re standing on one stone, the next one may appear in a surprising – but newly appropriate – location. 
Going one step at a time and letting trust lead the way, we can end up exactly where life needs us to be. 

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