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And as we move along the path, awakening to greater levels of reality, we deepen our ability to perceive the goodness and the beauty of the Divine in the world around us, the intelligence and benevolence of the created world in action. Initially it’s easier to see in nature, in the unspoiled character of plant life, rivers, mountains, animals.  In the natural world there’s not the capacity of mind that has taken humans down a path distant from their divine nature. 

The natural world retains its constant awareness of connection with divine nature. It’s perhaps the easiest place to see that, and so when we long for evidence of the divine to inspire us and assure us, comfort us, the natural world is the place we turn.

But as we grow in our capacity to perceive the divine there, we begin to see that that divine nature is also present in ourselves and in other human beings. We begin to see that that divine nature is at work even in the events of the chaotic human world that surrounds us.  It’s relatively easy to see it in goodness; in compassionate, caring behaviors.  The associations are easier in those instances. But we develop a larger awareness that extends even to events and activities that look wrong or evil by our human label. These events look detrimental to the world, and yet they’re all brought about by the divine at work in human beings. 

Over time, we can begin to find the same trust we feel for the benevolent manifestations in these challenging manifestations.  The divine intent is just as present in the events we find challenging as it is in the events we appreciate. For reasons beyond our knowing, these lessons in the Earth School – a currently incomplete reality - are necessary for our evolutionary path. 

We have the exquisite opportunity to trust the intelligence infinitely larger than our own.  And as we awaken into an expanded reality, we’ll find that the path we've traveled has served the evolutionary path of not only our species, but the greater cosmic life. 

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