Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Tools are being provided to us at this time in history to unlock our consciousness from the limits that have imprisoned it. 

Astronauts who have traveled to the moon share their experience of being outside the density of consciousness present on earth. They describe a deep illuminating awareness of their relationship to the galaxy and the entire cosmic organism. They experience a deep conviction of purpose and benevolence in the character of the universe.

Here on earth, we find it’s becoming more and more unbearable being imprisoned by the limits of a materialistic, humanly dictated worldview.  Something has to give.

By design, that unbearableness is the necessary motivation to evolve, to escape the prison of fear-bound orientation. Because it’s unbearable, we choose to evolve.  We are driven to look elsewhere  -- to the tools that are opening new portals of awareness.  We can sense our larger place and relationship within the cosmos, and our destiny, which is to break free.

So the very things that make our world so uncomfortable right now are the things that galvanize us to move forward, to move upward, and to embrace a more illumined and compassionate view of life.  Let us take up those tools and craft a new experience of humanity.

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