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As we move through these times, how do we nurture our capacity to see the hand of the Divine at work and to trust it? It’s hard to trust when the trend of events appears to be going in the wrong direction, a direction that appears not to be beneficial for humanity and the planet.  And it’s the tendency of the human mind to think it knows, that it has considered all or sufficient of the factors at work so that a judgment can be made. 

And yet what we see as humans is such a small part of the puzzle! It brings to mind a photograph from the Hubble telescope that captures a slice of the known universe.  Within the photo are hundreds of galaxies of different colors and shapes and sizes; so many it just boggles the mind.  And yet the slice of the universe in this photo is so small it equates to what you would see through a hole the size of a dime -- if the dime was held out 75 feet out!  So tiny - such a tiny, tiny bit of our glorious universe do we see.

Our human intelligence is comparable to this lens in its limitations, its smallness of capacity to perceive. Yet the mind thinks it can judge what’s going on in the world - and feel certain that it’s all going drastically wrong - and this is reason for anguish and consternation and distress.

So we are fortunate to have a larger perspective made available to us.  These pictures of our universe and our neighboring galaxies… the amazing wonders of our own galaxy; what a gift! The ability to see our home planet, Earth, from the perspective of the moon… these expansions to our perception of our relationship to the larger cosmos have come to us at a time when we need them most.  We need something larger than the chaos of the manmade world right now to orient to.   

In the beauty and intelligence of the cosmos, we have found it. 

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