Saturday, July 14, 2012



Many of us carry an identity deep within ourselves as part of a cohort. It’s been carried deep, deep in the heart, at a soul level that’s not always been understood by the personality.  This deep sense of cohort has come into consciousness at times like a longing; an achingly deep longing for the group that one knows one belongs to. 

It is in the experience of waking up together that that longing will at last be answered.  It is our compass, pointing us to the work we have come to do and to one another as the body of humanity that will lead it.                                           

There’s an image that conveys this bond, one of companions across the ages. It speaks of a brotherhood of the heart carried forward from other times and other places. It's an experience of having fought side by side and back-to-back on the battlefield. We find ourselves bonded at an unseen level by a calling of honor, a standing for the greater good. 

The longing that we’ve felt for this calling, this cohort, is being fulfilled across the eons in the work of this astonishing lifetime.

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