Sunday, July 15, 2012



The planet and our species are currently at a crux point where shift is happening on many different levels that humans are not aware of.  We just see a surface level, which looks and feels very chaotic right now, but at these deeper levels, all this amazing change is going on.

It’s an indicator of how far human perception has wandered from alignment with life that we don’t know this, and that we doubt the outcome, that we worry about it, we think we might be able to personally screw it up.

In fact there is no cause for worry or fear that we won’t make it.  That’s not possible.  The outcome is already assured at the level of Universal intent. The energetic reality of its completion – that’s already in place.  All that remains is for the manifest piece to shape-shift into the new earth, the new humanity. 

So while we think this event is out in the future, we are in the eleventh hour, the 59th minute, of its final manifestation, its final crystallization into manifest form. And really, all we need to do is relax and observe and love what’s happening and ride the wave of it.  

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