Sunday, July 22, 2012



To be completely loved is the ultimate experience we all wish for, more than anything else; we long for this as a felt, embodied experience.  We long to know that we're completely loved and cherished by the Divine, the Source of all life, and in that experience we find the ultimate fullness in being alive. 

Equally compelling but less recognized is our desire to love completely, to be totally subsumed by the depth of our devotion, our gratitude, to the Divine for this amazing experience of life. 

They go together, the receiving and the giving.  And that’s the experience we’re awakening to:  Knowing the fullness of our divine humanity. The depth of fulfillment and joy and ease we will feel in this world of expanded dimension will fill us to overflowing.  And will bring us home again, at last, to being completely loved.

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