Friday, July 20, 2012



This lifetime, for most of us, is not a time to go apart and seek the individual illumination; that’s not what this life is for.  This life is to be lived in the web of connectedness with all that humanity is feeling and experiencing.  In fact, it’s a role that’s been anticipated for eons through the history of humankind.

Our role, through the personalities we have chosen, is to be a part of the whole of humanity, like yeast in a loaf of bread dough.  We can’t play that role if we're off by ourself somewhere; we have to be embedded.  And in these times, the density of being embedded in worldly culture and institutions can be very challenging.

When we resist this life, resist the density and the constraints of it, let us remember that we have in fact chosen this role at this watershed time.  In this time of great change, we have chosen the opportunity to serve, to lift, to fulfill a destiny we’ve been waiting to fulfill... for a very long time.

That role is probably not going to look like anything the personality would conjure up!  What’s important is our willingness to continue moving forward through experiences that may not suit our preferences and have a vast degree of uncertainty.

The steps ahead will likely not be clear most of the time. But the heart can lead, and through the heart, the way will show itself.  

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