Sunday, August 5, 2012



For those involved in the transition taking place on the earth and within our species, there is deep joy in recognizing how far we have come already. 

One example of the unfolding shift in consciousness can be seen in the current Olympic games. As humanity participates in this event, either directly or in a spectator role, the focus is no longer exclusively on the competitive aspect.  There is an awareness present of being one human family, an awareness that's experienced by each nation, each athlete, each citizen. Humanity is beginning to understand the sameness that bonds us all. 

There’s recognition of the heart connection that exists within each nation and each team. We rise to the opportunity to honor that, in our own nation and in our fellow nations.

It was said back in the cold war days that peace would come when people in the U.S. understood that Russian parents love their children as much as we love ours.  This is the same recognition that’s occurring through the vehicle of the Olympics: We feel the respect and honor each country has for its athletes, and in this we are bonded.  In this era of outward conflict and disharmony in the world, there’s great goodness when we can watch our global family come together in an event of discipline, honor and companionship.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012



It never ceases to amaze me that by getting up an hour earlier it's possible to hop on a plane and be in a different world by 10:00 the same morning. 

I recently traveled from summer-scorched Denver to Southern California for an interlude of renewal. In the presence of the sea, I felt my soul entirely transfigured by wonder. The interplay of water and light we call "ocean" is alchemy for the spirit, a witnessing presence abiding eternally in calm depths and endless miles of liquid intelligence.

I swear, it's an open portal to higher consciousness if we can just step through.

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