Thursday, June 14, 2018



In describing the transition humanity is now experiencing, the example's been used of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Humankind as a species can be seen in chrysalis mode, locked within its earthly cocoon while it morphs into a more mature and magical creature.

When the caterpillar's cocoon is complete, its body dissolves into a jelly-like substance.  Within this state, imaginal cells emerge and begin subtly creating a new structure.  Unseen to the world, the body and wings of the butterfly-to-be are taking shape. But if judged by appearances, the miracle in progress would look like a puddle of jelly and a complete failure.

Humanity is at a similar point. The chaos we see all around us seems so senseless at times it's overwhelming.  It's hard to believe a miracle is in progress when what surrounds us feels incomprehensible and appears to be failing.  We despair that things will ever get better.

When we can't make intellectual sense of the chaos, it's good to remember that we don't need to understand it. What's taking place is an evolutionary leap, part of a design so vast it's not in the nature of creation that the human mind be able to understand it. 

The intelligence that crafted the Universe is at work here. Just as the galaxies have been so masterfully formed, just as the butterfly emerges when the transformation is complete, so too humanity will slowly emerge on the other side of this turmoil.  In the decades to come, a new grace will become evident in our lives as we begin to recall our place in the family of the cosmos. The current era will fade from memory as we lift on the wings of a new spirit and begin a journey of discovery.

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